Thursday, May 28, 2015

Tomorrow, I'll Still Love You

*Chalida Wijitwongtong as Emily Charles
*Son Songpaisarn as Jason Miller



Come in.
Boss, Ms. Emily is here to see you. I told her that you don't meet anyone without an appointment but she requested that I come ask you.

As he kept his eyes glued to the computer screen and tried his best to be not shaken by the mere mention of that name, he found himself saying...

Let her in.
Yes, boss.

As the door closed...he found his chest tightening and afraid of what she has come to say.

His thoughts were interrupted by a familiar voice. Jason. Mr. Jason Miller, I have come to tell you about my decision regarding the contract you mentioned last time. "I will ... " before she could finish her sentence, Jason interrupted her. "Why are you standing, please sit down ... would you like something to drink ... " as he approached the sofa placed in the center of his office.

"No thanks, as I was saying I will ... " as her eyes meet his, she found herself struggling for words; something about his intimidating eyes made her question her decision if she should go forward with it or stop before it's too late. 

"So what have you decided Ms. Emily, I am waiting for your answer."
"It seems you still haven't decided yet so instead of wasting my precious time why don't you leave and comeback when you have decided." He stood up and found his approaching steps towards his desk caught by the words spoken from behind..."I agree, I will marry you Mr. Jason Miller."
 "Marry me? Did I hear it correctly? Are you sure?" as he questioned her words looking closely in to her eyes.
"Yes, you heard it correctly; I will marry you so I hope you keep your end of the deal. As I have requested before, please give me the contract money right now."
"Wait, I think you are going way ahead of yourself ... his mouth curved upward forming a devilish smile - sending cold shivers throughout my body ... I knew he wouldn't accept this deal that easily. Don't worry, I will give you the money as promised but you must keep your end of the deal."
"I already said, I agree to marry you. What else do you want from me."
"Just that."  
I found myself confused by his words. He continued, "Do you want me believe your empty words, a girl like you who can agree to marry for money? You want me to believe you?"
"What do you want...then?" I found myself frustrated and yelling.
" ... why don't we put a seal on this agreement, of course, to reassure both of our minds that what we agreed upon is followed through."
"Seal? ... what seal? Be more clearer." As the smiling face of that man became serious ... she knew deep down that she was in deep trouble. "Come with me " ... as he pulled her by her hand and walked out of the office.
"Where are we going?"
"You will find out soon."  
The car suddenly stopped and I found Jason standing outside my door saying, "get out."
"This place is the ... government office. What are we doing here?"
"To get married."
"Right now?"
"YES, right now. Didn't you want the money, urgently."
"But this is too rushed."
"If you don't want the money then we don't need to go through with this."

As he turned around, he regretted the words that came out of his mouth, he knew that he was more desperate for this marriage to happen then her but he didn't want her to know how he felt. But the moment he heard her say "let's do it", he felt relieved and all his worries disappeared...he found himself able to breath again. 
Afraid that she will go back on her decision,  he turned around and pulled her along as he walked inside the government office.

"You are now husband and wife. Congratulation on your newly marriage." These words hit me, made me felt very uneasy.  As we walked out of the office, I heard him softly saying, "go pack your stuff and move in with me" before I could say anything he left ...

as I packed, I couldn't shake the idea of us living together out of my head. 

She knew how dangerous that can be ... the man she couldn't even forget after so many years and living so close to him, how will she hold back her heart...just the mere thought of this made her heart sink and found herself lost.

"Emily, pull yourself together, you can do this. He hates me and his reason for this marriage is just revenge and nothing else, so him loving me is impossible. He just wants to make me suffer, and leave me like I did years ago. So, promise yourself that you wouldn't love him, ... AGAIN."


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